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Revolution of Interface ‘HD-LINK’
IW06B-N23 Digital Multi Interface For BMW
▶ Product Name : IW06B-N23
  • Supports the BMW since 2013.(6PIN ROUND LVDS)
  • Provide the HDMI input (HDMI device), LVDS-NAVI(Digital) input (Settop navigation), Rear camera Input, Front camera input.
  • When you use LVDS(Digital) output settop navigation, you can get highest picture quality.(N-LINK is Korea map only.)
  • Implement the PGS(Parking Guide-Line System) and PDC(Parking Distance Control) with a rear camera
  • When connecting PAS-CAN, It outputs rear power automatically.
  • Be possible connecting with OEM type front camera.
    * When you change the gear to ‘D’ from ‘P’ or ’R’ mode, switch automatically to front camera screen as much as you set timer(8, 10, 15 seconds).
    After, return to the previous screen.
  • Provide the AV In and Video1 Sound L R In.
  • Optimization for original monitor of BMW.
  • The user setting mode makes an optimized environment for user. And, the setting mode enters by original button.
  • Small size and easy install.


Car Models Production Year Specific Models
1 Series 2012-2017 F20,F21
2 Series 2014-2017 F22
3 Series 2012-2017 F30,F31,F34(3GT)
4 Series 2014-2017 F32,F33,F36
5 Series 2013-2017 F10,F11,F07(5GT)
6 Series 2013-2017 F12,F13
7 Series 2012-2016 F01,F02
X3 2013-2017 F25
X4 2014-2017 F26
X5 2014-2017 F15
X6 2015-2017 F16
Mini Cooper 2014-2017 F56

Components of the IW06B-N23 Package.



IW06B-N23 Digital Multi Interface


Power/Can Cable


LVDS Cable


Sub Board


HDMI Cable


AV IN / OUT Cable


5-Pin Micro USB Cable

Faster Android system! (With. Octa Core@1.6Ghz)
New Android Settop Box, A-LINK
▶ Product Name : A-LINK
  • Settop box type DIGITAL ANDROID.
  • Optimized for each vehicle and fully interoperable.
  • Android 5.1.1 (Lollipop) NXP5430Q-64bit Cortex-A53 Octa Core@1.6Ghz Mali-400 MP4 GPU.
  • Provide the high quality 4CH digital LVDS output.
  • The digital signal is directly connected to the OEM monitor, realizing the super high definition image quality.
  • Compatible with Digital Interface and Analog RGB interface.
  • Provides unique Smart Drive system optimized for each vehicle.
  • Convenient system operated by genuine button or controller. (Quick Start App. Seek, Zoom IN / OUT)
  • Implementation of automatic emergency lighting system using CAN value of vehicle.
  • FAKRA IN/OUT cable available.(Using the Genuine GPS, DMB ports.) * Amazing reception sensitivity.*


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