– HD-LINK Digital Multi Interface IW06B-N

– Be compatible with various models of BMW equipped with 6-pin LVDS Round connector of screen

1 Series 2012 – F20, F21
2 Series 2014 – F22
3 Series 2012 – F30, F31, F34(3 GT)
4 Series 2014 – F32, F33, F36
5 Series 2012 – F10, F11, F07(5 GT)
6 Series 2012 – F12, F13
7 Series 2012 – F01, F02
Mini Cooper 2014 – F56
X3 2012 – F25

– Rear PGS&PDC
Supports external rear view camera with ‘Parking Guide System & Parking Distance Control’.

– Front view system
The video of front view camera is shown automatically by the ‘automatic activation function’ for (8, 10, 15) seconds.

– 2012년 이후 출고된 BMW (6PIN ROUND LVDS 모니터 사양) 적용
– PSG & PDC / 핸들의 각도에 따라 가이드되는 후방선 , 파크트로닉센서 그래픽 구현

– Rear Cam INPUT / 외부 후방카메라 입력 지원 , PAS 캔 연결시 자체적으로 후방전원 출력

– 옴니뷰&전방카메라 INPUT / 옴니뷰 혹은 전방카메라 연동 기능 (기어 ‘P’ 모드에서 ‘D’ 로변경시 설정 시간 (8초,10초,15초) 만큼 옴니뷰 OR 전방카메라 화면으로 자동 전환 후 원래화면 복귀)

(기어 ‘R’ 모드에서 ‘D’ 로변경시 설정 시간 (8초,10초,15초) 만큼 옴니뷰 OR 전방카메라 화면으로 자동 전환 후 원래화면 복귀)

– AV IN OUT 지원 / 영상1 음성 L R IN OUT 제공
Product page : http://indiwork.co.kr/cart/?doc=cart/item.php&it_id=1407146792
Email : acidop@naver.com
인디웍 Individual Workshop


  1. Graham Single says:

    Hi, can you sell the IW06B-N to the United Kingdom? I have a BMW F30 (2012) with professional navigation (6.5″ screen) and I’m looking for exactly the product you sell. Am I correct in thinking that Wireless mirroring is achieved for android by plugging a Chromcast into an HDMI port on the IW06B-N? Can I toggle between the original BMW navigation system and the IW06B-N using the iDrive controller?


  2. Hello. Mr. Graham Single.
    I’m Henry Kim working for indiwork.
    Thank you for you interest in our product.

    Yes, our IW06B-N supports to BMW F30 with 6.5-inch screen, also.
    You could connect an HDMI device like Chromecast or another mirroring devices.

    And you can also select mode between original BMW system and IW06B-N system by the ‘menu button’ of iDrive controller.

    Please email me, if you have any questions or want to order.

    Thank you,

    Henry Kim

  3. José Lourenço says:


    I have a BMW F20 with professional radio.
    Does it work in my car?
    How can i buy it?

    Thank you.

    José Lourenço

    • Hello, José.

      I’m Henry Kim working for indiwork.

      F20 professional Radio means 6.5-inch small screen like above video? or 8.8-inch screen with navigation?

      Whatever it is, IW06B-N supports both models.

      You can order it by email.

      Please email me below.


  4. My car is bmw m235, can install IW06B-N? I live in Hong kong, how can buy this?

  5. Jorge Carricarte says:

    Hello I have a Mini Cooper S F56 What do i Need to have the mirroring system with an iPhone and can you send it to Mexico City, and how much would it be. Also i would be interested in distributing your products in The Mexican Republic.
    Regards and thanks for your prompt response

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