– HD-LINK Digital Multi Interface IW04VW
– Support extensive HDMI device
– High Quality
HDMI input. It means that you can connect devices equipped with HDMI output
directly like the APCAST, Google Chromecast, Android mini PC, Divx player, etc. Now,
we do not need other video converters and complicated wire connection anymore for using the mirroring system.
Create your own personal multimedia environment via ‘True High-Definition Digital Video’ in the car.





Product page :http://indiwork.co.kr/shop/hd-link/hd-link-iw04vw-for-volkswagen/
Email : acidop@naver.com
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  1. Saif almarri says:

    Hi.. How I can buy this product…

  2. Saif almarri says:

    Hi.. I hav buy the IW04VW and install it.. Now how to switch to the menu and how it’s work… Everything connecting.. But it’s not working..

    • HI. Saif almarri

      Korea is holidays (lunar New yer.)

      Sorry, late responses.

      – Please check

      HD-LINK(IW04VW) screen change button is “MENU”

      1. You have to connect LVDS IN / OUT behind of CD changer

      2. Can HIGH / LOW (Might be you make mistakes)

      3. Power in put

      4. Dip swich setting

      5. Connect from HD-LINK to subboard HDMI cable

      Please tell me Your car detail information


  3. Aleksey LAPIN says:

    Dear sirs.
    Is this device is available for Touareg NF with RNS 850?
    Or could you advice any another device that can work with this device?

    In fact i don’t need the control it by the native buttons. The switching of the LVDS/HDMI signal will be enough.

  4. Aleksey LAPIN says:

    I want to buy it

  5. Hi.

    I have a MK7 composition media first generation, whitout HDMI inteerface. Only a SD interface and a USB and AUX In interface for music.
    ¿ It’s possible to install the HD-LINK Digital Multi Interface IW04VW for mirroring in this conditions?

    Best Regards

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