– HD-LINK Digital Multi Interface IW04VW
– Rear PGS&PDC
Supports external rear view camera with ‘Parking Guide System & Parking Distance Control’.
– Front view system

Lately the importance of ‘front view camera’ or ‘around view camera’ is being emphasized.

The HD-Link supports the CVBS port(AV1) for the FVC(Front View Camera) and AVM(Around View Monitoring) systems.

It also supports the ‘Automatic Activation function’ for AV1 port.

When you shift gear ‘from reverse to drive’ or ‘from parking to drive’,

it just works automatically during the activation time you selected.
Absolutely, you can change the activation time(OFF, 8 sec, 10 sec, 15 sec) and can check the AV1 video anytime manually.





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