New Firmware for apcast
(Online Upgrade)

It’s support apple iso9
From 20M,21M,23M,25M,29M to 40M_auto


  1. Vaughn Wright says:

    When is there GOING TO BE a firmware update forays 10 my upcast bio longer works after updating iOS on my phone

    • Sorry. Vaughn Wright

      Apcast can’t support ios10

      If your phone is ios10 It’s not working

      We are looking for ways to apcast firmware

      Sorry. about apcast not working

      When we ready new apcast firmware

      I will contact you to e-mail

      Sorry. for the inconvenience

      Please. wait

    • Hi. Vaughn Wright
      We are sorry for making you wait.
      Thank you for your understanding.

      We are ready to Apcast new firmware

      It’s support apple iso10

      It’s possible over ver.20M_Auto (online firmware)
      From ver.20M, 23M, 25M, 29M, 40M, to ver.41M

      This way the for hidden apcast in car
      If you can Apcast don’t out of the dashboard

      but. It’s need two cellular phone

      1. Hotspot
      2. Remote control

      Please view video manual :

      Again. Sorry for the inconvenience
      I hope you success firmware.


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